Grace Liu

Photograph of Grace Liu in a red shirt in front of a brick building.

Over the past year I’ve been able to get more involved with the Hamline Midway Coalition through joining the Community Building Committee, attending HMC events, and getting to know others involved in HMC. As I’ve gotten more involved, I’ve seen first hand how big of an impact a group of neighbors can have on the […]

Dawn Einwalter

A photograph of Dawn Einwalter in an HMC volunteer shirt during a festival.

I have been involved in the HMC development and fundraising committees for several years and have learned a lot about what we can do to strengthen the neighborhood. I served on a city parks commission in another state, and I also have over a decade of experience in urban planning, so my approach tends to […]

Anna Best

Photograph of Anna Best in front of a map of the world.

“I know that change starts where you live. I want to be a part of collaborating with local government, leadership, community members, businesses, and nonprofits in order to continue to make Hamline Midway a quality neighborhood. As a Special Education teacher I am empathetic, understanding, and welcoming to every person that I encounter. I am […]

Cameron Fure

Picture of Cameron Fure.

My name is Cameron Fure (he/him), and I’ve called Hamline/Midway home since July of 2018. In that time, I’ve witnessed many changes to our neighborhood and it has been a catalyst for me to want to step up and be part of the change. I decided to get involved with the Hamline Midway Coalition and […]

Kaitlynn Fuller

picture of Kaitlynn Fuller, 2023

Hello! My name is Kaitlynn, and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a Management major at Hamline University, and my long-term goal is to work in the nonprofit sector. Coon Rapids, MN is my hometown, and I loved getting involved in the community there, especially with the Coon Rapids Lions Club. When I came to […]

Melissa Tallman, Co-Vicepresident

photo of melissa tallman

Salutations! My name is Melissa Tallman. I am a senior in Criminal Justice at Hamline University and a resident of the Hamline Midway neighborhood. I am active in the Hamline University community and joined the Hamline Midway Coalition because I am deeply passionate about community building and collaboration. I love to work on environmental projects […]

Michael Strasburg

Photo of Michael Strasburg

Michael Strasburg joins the HMC Board representing Hamline University, where he works as the Media Relations and External Communications Specialist. In his role at Hamline, Michael supports the university’s relationship with the local community and media outlets. Prior to joining Hamline, Michael worked as a news editor and journalist for publications throughout the Twin Cities […]

Jennifer Hadley, Secretary

Photo of Jennifer Hadley

My husband and I moved to the Midway in 2016 because of its proximity to easy transportation to both University of Minnesota campuses where I was trying to get a job. While that didn’t work out, we have enjoyed the Hamline Midway neighborhood deeply, particularly the numerous, amazing ethnic restaurants and the relationships with neighbors […]

Byron C. Arnold

photograph of an african-american man in a blue business suit.

Hello all my name is Byron Arnold currently living in the Hamline / Midway area. My connection to the neighborhood is , I’ve been in the neighborhood since 1996, I have seen people, and businesses come and go. I love this area; the neighbors make it feel like a big community looking out for each […]

Ahmed (Meddy) Ali

Photo of Ahmed "Meddy" Ali

My Name is Ahmed Ali but I go by Meddy. My family immigrated to MN when I was 10 years old and I grew up in Minneapolis and lived my whole life in Minneapolis. When I start my business in St.Paul, I did not expect the love that was poured on us by the community. […]

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