Hamline Midway Coalition

Renter Engagement Committee

The Renter Engagement Committee of the Hamline-Midway Coalition is a dynamic and inclusive group dedicated to ensuring the voices and needs of renters in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood are heard and addressed.

Recognizing that renters constitute a significant portion of the community, this committee focuses on creating a platform for renter advocacy, promoting their rights and interests. Key objectives include facilitating open dialogues between renters and property owners, providing resources and information on tenant rights, and organizing community-building events to strengthen the sense of belonging and community among renters.

The committee’s overarching goal is to foster a more cohesive, informed, and empowered renting community, ensuring that all residents, irrespective of their housing status, have an active role in shaping the neighborhood’s future.

Committee Members

Lucid Thomas, Acting Chair
Ilya GarelikOpen SeatOpen Seat

Renter Engagement meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month at 6:30pm in a hybrid format at the HMC office or… (External link)(External link)

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