Dawn Einwalter

I have been involved in the HMC development and fundraising committees for several years and have learned a lot about what we can do to strengthen the neighborhood.

I served on a city parks commission in another state, and I also have over a decade of experience in urban planning, so my approach tends to emphasize our built environment and how well it is serving our residents. I love walking the neighborhood and seeing what’s going on, from basketball in the park to what’s new at local businesses.

I’m “reading the street” when I do this. What’s joyful, what needs help, and what we can improve all goes into the mix. This helps keep me grounded when thinking about what we can do as residents and HMC participants.

My personal priority this year is to take advantage of public funding to help our small business owners be successful.

A photograph of Dawn Einwalter in an HMC volunteer shirt during a festival.
People standing in an office space.

My Midway Moment

I appreciated joining development committee members from HMC and Union Park for a tour of Twelve22, a new apartment building at University and Griggs. JB Vang, a Midway business, remodeled the former coffin factory into airy, industrial-chic apartments with great views. Affordable units are available.

Not just me... You too!

See yourself as someone who wants to make a difference in the neighborhood? Get in touch with us!

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