ReLeaf the Midway

Midway Ash Tree Removal (MATR) Project Midway Ash Tree Removal Seasonal Timeline: June: site applications for potential tree removal open July: site applications for potential tree removals close September: sites are notified and matched with a contractor for removal October through December: selected trees are removed In 2023, the Hamline-Midway Coalition (HMC) was awarded funding […]

Pollinator Pathways

August 2023 Update: This project is a work in progress that was just getting underway when it was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it began, one planter has been placed at Hamline Park, near Mosaic on a Stick. We are working on what finishing this project will look like and will have updates soon! […]

Pierce Butler Meadow

Seed packets

The Pierce Butler Meadow project of the Hamline-Midway Coalition aims to convert a 2.5-acre vacant lot in St. Paul, Minnesota, into a meadow that will serve as a haven for wildlife and a space for the community to connect with nature. The project involves removing invasive species, planting native wildflowers and grasses, building walking paths, and installing interpretive signs. The Coalition hopes that the meadow will provide a space for people to enjoy the beauty of nature, learn about local ecosystems, and promote environmental literacy. Additionally, the meadow will conserve pollinator habitat and improve water quality by reducing runoff from the site. The project has been supported by several community partners and is funded by grants from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Hamline University.

The Bee Line

The Bee Line is being grown in St. Paul! Residents of the Frogtown and Hamline Midway neighborhoods have been working along Pierce Butler for about 6 years to enhance the roadside planting with native pollinator plants. In 2022 a dedicated group of folks from these communities, with the help of Frogtown Green(External link) and the Hamline Midway Coalition, […]

Free Trees!

A tree made with blue, green and black lines.

Free Trees for the Hamline-Midway Neighborhood! Volunteers with the Hamline Midway Environment Committee (HMEC) started a new urban tree canopy project in 2020 which now includes a neighborhood tree nursery gravel bed. These trees support St Paul’s tree canopy that the city’s forestry department doesn’t engage. St. Paul Forestry plants and maintains public trees in […]

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