Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee addresses transportation issues in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. The committee disseminates information to and gathers feedback from the community on transportation issues; tracks, discusses, and debates transportation-related issues; and provides information and recommendations for action to the Hamline Midway Coalition Board of Directors. Transportation Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each Month in the Hamline Midway Library Auditorium at 6:30pm. 

For more information about HMC's involvement in current and past transportation projects and initiatives or to get involved in transportation happenings contact kate[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org.

*July's Transportation Committee will be canceled due to the 4th of July holiday.

Current Projects

  • Snelling/Englewood Intersection
  • ReThinking I94
  • Green Line Transit
  • Pedestrian Plan
  • Parking Issues in the neighborhood
  • North Snelling Revitalization Work Group
  • Fairview Avenue Mill and Overlay

Committee Members

  • John Levin, Chair
  • Steve Mitrione
  • Steve Samuelson
  • Kevin Dahlin 
  • Lindsay Schwantes 
  • Ande Quercus 
  • Joe Ward
  • Tracy Lindgren

Meeting Highlights from 6-3-19 Transportation Committee Meeting


  • St. Paul mayor’s office is assembling an advisory council to address the Transportation Management Plan through 2012. Will share the document with folks as soon as I receive from Noel Nix.
  • Snelling/Englewood Update
    • Randy Newton: In regards to a community forum, it is something I’m leaning away from at this time.  I believe the recommendation that will be made will ultimately be more technically based and I am cautious of having a community forum / meeting if we don’t intend to make it a key part of the decision making process. In regards to schedule, we did have our meeting with PED and have a good understanding of funding and constraints.  Good news is there are no constraints with the funding that should impact our ability to implement.  Bad news is there is no opportunity for additional funds through this source.Next step for me is to meet internally with our traffic and pedestrian safety staff and hopefully determine our recommendation and next steps to move forward.  I hope to do this in the next couple of weeks.
    • KM will follow up with Randy N and report back
  • Stop For Me campaign/events
    • Discussion from committee members shows support for hosting a Stop For Me event at the intersections of Snelling and Englewood
    • Scheduled for July 30th from 6-7 pm at Snelling Englewood!
    • We look for a group of 5-10 volunteers to help cross.  More people are welcome to attend, but we cross as a group of 3-4 at a time.  Don’t want people to get bored or feel ignored.
    • More information:
  • Stadium Feedback from meeting on 5/22
    • HMC, UPDC, Commander Hallstrom, and Josh Williams met on 5/22 and to discuss how parking/TMP is being impacted by games at Allianz
    • Feedback from residents shows that there was more concern prior to the opening of the stadium than after the first game. “no news is good news”
    • St. Anthony and Pascal are pain points and light timing will continue to be tweaked
    • Hallstrom reported that the site is cleared within 45 minutes post-game
    • More people tend to be driving to recent games than the first games, yet parking is not a huge issue for residents
  • Rethinking I94 Fellowship and Food:
    •  June 6th, from 4-6 pm at 1820 University Ave. North Suite 1821
  • Discussed updating the Midway in Motion map as a resource which would be available in hard-copy format for events and tabling
    • Needs to be updated. Joe offered to assist
    • KM is reaching out to Move MN to get more information on the artist who created the original map (we only have one left)
  • Summer Kickoff happens this Friday, June 7th from 4:30-6 pm  and will include a bike clinic for kids at Hancock Rec Center
  • Discussion about Erin Pavlica’s bike tool station and whether HMC could carry the insurance on it. KM will check in with Erin about this.
  • Ideas for future speakers/guest to TC include a representative from BNSF or the railyard
  • Neighborhood Plan discussion
    • We’ll be working to create a revised neighborhood plan by May, 2020.
    • June’s board meeting will focus on the “plan” for the plan, including creating a steering committee, sample templates, outreach planning for feedback from residents, and processed
    • HMC’s current (but out of date) Neighborhood Plan
    • HMC Transportation Plan (revised 2015)
    • Sample neighborhood plan (St. Anthony Park)