Keep the Midway Clean!

The Hamline-Midway Trash Pick-Up team, “Keep the Midway Clean!”, is a dedicated group of Hamline-Midway volunteers committed to maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. This team is not just about keeping the streets clean; it’s about fostering community spirit, environmental stewardship, and civic pride.

Activities and Initiatives:

  1. Regular Neighborhood Clean-Ups: The team organizes several neighborhood clean-ups throughout the year, focusing on key times such as Earth Day in the spring and a significant clean-up event in the fall before the first snowfall. These events involve volunteers combing through the neighborhood, collecting litter from streets, parks, and public spaces.
  2. Education and Awareness Campaigns: The team also engages in educational campaigns, informing residents about the importance of maintaining a clean environment and the proper disposal of waste. These campaigns help in reducing littering incidents and promoting recycling and composting.
  3. Collaboration with Local Authorities: Working closely with city sanitation departments, the team ensures that trash collection and recycling services are efficiently managed and that any issues related to waste disposal in the area are promptly addressed.

Important Things to Know About Trash Collection in the Area:

  • Scheduled Trash Pick-Up: Residents should be aware of the scheduled trash pick-up days in the Hamline-Midway area to ensure timely disposal of their waste.
  • Recycling Guidelines: Understanding what can and cannot be recycled is crucial. The team often provides information on proper recycling practices to prevent contamination of recyclable materials.
  • Special Waste Disposal: For items that are not typically collected during regular trash pick-up, like electronics or large furniture, the City of St. Paul provides information on how to dispose of them responsibly. Hamline-Midway Coalition also sponsors special item collection days in partnership with St. Paul Public Works every year!

Tips and Tricks for Collecting Litter:

  1. Safety First: Always wear gloves and use a grabber or tongs to pick up litter to avoid direct contact with waste and potential hazards.
  2. Separate as You Go: Carry separate bags for trash and recyclables to make the sorting process easier and more efficient.
  3. Focus on Problem Areas: Pay special attention to areas where litter tends to accumulate, such as around public transit stops, parks, and busy streets.
  4. Involve the Community: Encourage neighbors and local businesses to participate in clean-up efforts. The more people involved, the greater the impact.
  5. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with local sanitation guidelines and participate in community meetings to stay informed about waste management practices in the area.


The Hamline-Midway Trash Pick-Up team’s efforts are a shining example of how community involvement can lead to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Their dedication not only enhances the physical appearance of the neighborhood but also builds a stronger, more connected community.

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