Hamline-Midway Coalition Partners with the City of St. Paul for a Greener Future

In an effort to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability, the Hamline-Midway Coalition (HMC) has partnered with the City of St. Paul, tapping into the resources and initiatives of the Ramsey Recycles program. This partnership aligns with HMC’s mission to foster community engagement and enhance the quality of life in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood.

Ramsey Recycles: A Community Effort

Ramsey Recycles, a campaign run by Ramsey County, is at the forefront of reducing waste and improving recycling practices in the area. This initiative provides an array of services, including yard waste collection, food scraps drop-off, medicine collection sites, and more, all designed to make recycling easier and more accessible for residents. For more information, visit RamseyRecycles.com or call 651-633-EASY (3279) for 24/7 assistance.

Eureka Recycling: Streamlining St. Paul’s Recycling

Complementing the Ramsey Recycles program is Eureka Recycling, which focuses on streamlining recycling processes in St. Paul. Residents can access a wealth of information and resources at stpaul.gov/recycle, contact Eureka directly at 651.266.6199, or utilize Eureka’s recycling app to stay informed and engaged with recycling practices.

Education and Engagement

The partnership between HMC and the City of St. Paul extends beyond just waste management. It aims to educate and engage residents in various environmental initiatives. From learning how to reduce food waste at recyclingandenergy.org to understanding how to dispose of household hazardous waste and old electronics, the coalition and city provide resources to empower community members in their environmental efforts.

A Green Vision for Hamline-Midway

The Hamline-Midway Coalition envisions a greener, cleaner neighborhood, where recycling and sustainability are ingrained in the community’s culture. By leveraging the resources and expertise of Ramsey Recycles and Eureka Recycling, HMC is poised to lead transformative environmental changes in St. Paul.

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