Jason Elyea-Wheeler, Communications Specialist

Photo of Jason Eylea-Wheeler

Jason Elyea-Wheeler is a junior at Hamline University, and is pursuing a B.F.A in Creative Writing. With his passion for storytelling, Jason intends to lead a life of community, adventure, and fulfillment. Originally from Eden Prairie, he has since moved into the Hamline-Midway neighborhood, and has felt welcome, comfort, and generosity from his neighbors and […]

Lucid Thomas, Tenant Organizer

Photo of Lucid holding an Americorps sign

Lucid Thomas is our Tenant Organizer. He has been involved in organizing since his undergrad and is currently doing Metro State University’s MAPL program. Organizing fuels his soul. He likes playing guitar, walking through the woods, and hanging out with his cat, Jack. Not just me… You too! See yourself as someone who wants to […]

Jenne Nelson, Executive Director

Photo of Jenne Nelson

Jenne (she/her) is a lifelong educator and lifelong learner, with degrees in Secondary English Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. She spent the first part of her career as a high school English and debate teacher, including a six-month stint teaching in Hangzhou, China. In 2012, her love of education brought her to […]

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