Melissa Tallman, Co-Vicepresident

photo of melissa tallman

Salutations! My name is Melissa Tallman. I am a senior in Criminal Justice at Hamline University and a resident of the Hamline Midway neighborhood. I am active in the Hamline University community and joined the Hamline Midway Coalition because I am deeply passionate about community building and collaboration. I love to work on environmental projects […]

Jennifer Hadley, Secretary

Photo of Jennifer Hadley

My husband and I moved to the Midway in 2016 because of its proximity to easy transportation to both University of Minnesota campuses where I was trying to get a job. While that didn’t work out, we have enjoyed the Hamline Midway neighborhood deeply, particularly the numerous, amazing ethnic restaurants and the relationships with neighbors […]

Ilya Garelik, Co-Vicepresident

I have lived in the Hamline Midway neighborhood with my partner and 3 dogs since 2018 and have appreciated the sense of community and positivity that is inherent to the neighborhood. I believe in the power of community organizing and its potential to improve the lives of the people who live in it. I am […]

Rayford Dixon, Treasurer

Photo of Rayford Dixon

I own and operate Rayz R Cuts barbershop on Snelling avenue, and I have been in the neighborhood for several years. Over the past year I have gotten to know the Hamline Midway Coalition by attending Board meetings and events. I am excited to use my can-do attitude and willingness to help out to support […]

Cole Hanson, President

Photo of Cole Hanson and his daughter, Penelope.

Hamline-Midway is at a transition between the neighborhood my father grew up in and the one my 3-year-old daughter will someday live in. My name is Cole Hanson (he/him), and as a public health professional and community-based educator, I want to be one of your Hamline-Midway board members. As the current Board President, I work […]

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