Cole Hanson, President

Hamline-Midway is at a transition between the neighborhood my father grew up in and the one my 3-year-old daughter will someday live in.

My name is Cole Hanson (he/him), and as a public health professional and community-based educator, I want to be one of your Hamline-Midway board members. As the current Board President, I work to ensure that, as our city changes, the Hamline-Midway remains an inclusive and vibrant home for folks of all ages, incomes, origins and backgrounds.

I seek to meet and represent our neighbors where they are and as they are, because who we will become as a neighborhood depends on all of us having a stake in this place we call home.

Whether you’re here for college or here for life, know that I’ll be here as someone to connect with and share joy alongside!

Photo of Cole Hanson and his daughter, Penelope.

Not just me... You too!

See yourself as someone who wants to make a difference in the neighborhood? Get in touch with us!

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