Cameron Fure

My name is Cameron Fure (he/him), and I’ve called Hamline/Midway home since July of 2018.

In that time, I’ve witnessed many changes to our neighborhood and it has been a catalyst for me to want to step up and be part of the change. I decided to get involved with the Hamline Midway Coalition and their neighborhood trash clean up events after seeing them on Facebook. Jennifer is the coordinator of that program and inspired me to stay engaged.

I believe our future is bright in the Midway and my passions include: taking steps to green our neighborhood by focusing on the tree canopy and pollinator gardens – making sure pedestrians are front and center in traffic policy – improving our public spaces including parks – equitable and sustainable development that includes community benefits – and helping lift up all of our neighbors through community engagement.

I look forward to working with you and our neighbors and hope we can make a difference together.

Picture of Cameron Fure.

Not just me... You too!

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