Anna Best

“I know that change starts where you live. I want to be a part of collaborating with local government, leadership, community members, businesses, and nonprofits in order to continue to make Hamline Midway a quality neighborhood.

As a Special Education teacher I am empathetic, understanding, and welcoming to every person that I encounter. I am comfortable leading, I am comfortable following, and am comfortable saying yes. I enjoy being of service, as I have been of service to students for the last 18 years.

I’m excited for the opportunity to lend my voice, my hands, and my heart to serving the community. I’m excited for the chance to meet my neighbors, step up to support those in need, and be a part of planning and executing initiatives that will promote a positive identity within our neighborhood.”

Photograph of Anna Best in front of a map of the world.

Not just me... You too!

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