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Neighbors Organize Rain Garden Planting Initiative in Hamline Midway

Hamline Midway residents are joining together to organize a community-wide rain garden project. Neighbor Mike Rausch is heading the effort to coordinate multiple boulevard rain garden installations throughout the neighborhood to lower the...

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Should Hamline Park be Renamed?

Some Hamline Midway community members are interested in potentially renaming Hamline Park in honor of Clarence “Cap” Wigington, an influential African American architect who designed the...

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Snelling Reconstruction 2015

By JANE MCCLURE, The Monitor Newspaper

Getting around in area neighborhoods will be a challenge...

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Congratulations to HMC's New Board Members

Following a close election with a wealth of well-qualified candidates, Hamline Midway Coalition is happy to welcome three new neighbors to the HMC Board of Directors. Congratulations to Harriet Mednick, Lindsay VanPatten and Scott Kruger who were each...

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Now's your chance! Weigh-in on reconstruction of Fairview Avenue

Come reclaim the dark and dismal space underneath the freeway, Saturday, October 25 from 7 to 11pm! The Friendly Streets Initiative...

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