Ready & Resilient Hamline Midway

Posted on October 16, 2015 - 12:59pm

What makes a community ready and resilient? How can we better prepare to rise to the occasion in the face of extreme weather events or other points of adversity?  “Ready & Resilient Hamline Midway,” is a project that started in 2015 and seeks to bring neighbors of all ages and backgrounds together to explore ways we can better prepare for adversity in our community.

What can we do now so we are ready to act when the occasion requires? How do we communicate with each other, especially in the absence of traditional lines of communication?  What skills and tools are helpful when decisions are to be made quickly and action is required? How do we ensure that the most vulnerable among us are connected with resources and neighbors who can offer timely assistance?

The first phase of this project was funded by a $1250 grant from the Macalester College Ready and Resilient Climate Adaptation Research Team (RRCART). It included three intergenerational gatherings in 2015 of Hamline Midway community members, who explored various scenarios, while building capacity to collectively rise to the occasion, should circumstances require it. The three workshops were held October 24 at Holy Trinity Church; November 10 at Hamline Church United Methodist; and November 17 at Snelling Cafe. A report from these gatherings is attached to the bottom of this page.


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