Rain Garden Initiative Finalizing 2015 Projects, Looks Ahead to 2016

Posted on September 14, 2015 - 11:50am

More stormwater runoff in the neighborhood will be captured, cleaned and diverted from the Mississippi River and other vital waterways thanks to the Hamline Midway Rain Garden Initiative. 2015 was a pilot year for this new initiative that seeks to reduce the cost for Hamline Midway residents of installing boulevard rain gardens that include a curb cut to capture polluted stormwater runoff from neighborhood streets. By submitting multiple applications at once, and dispersing the cost of installation by hiring a single contractor, the goal is to offer neighbors a lower cost than they would normally pay for an individual curb-cut rain garden.
After receiving interest from almost 60 neighbors this Spring, Hamline Midway Coalition worked closely with Capitol Region Watershed District to evaluate every potential site, finally settling on 6 good candidates to submit to the City for consideration. Four of those projects were approved, and CRWD is now working with those property owners to finalize a plan, secure a contractor and hopefully move ahead with installation this fall.
While this year was a promising start to the Hamline Midway Rain Garden Initiative, we hope to pursue even more projects in 2016 by working with the City of Saint Paul Forestry Department to coordinate Ash tree replacements with rain garden installations. If you expressed interest in participating in the program this Spring, but were not approved due to the presence of an Ash tree in your boulevard, your site will automatically be reconsidered for 2016. If you have not yet expressed interest in being considered for a rain garden as part of this initiative, there’s still time to jump in—email your name and address to Kyle Mianulli at kyle[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org by October 1.