Public Art Working Group

As part of the Midway Murals project during the summer of 2015, which brought four beautiful murals to Snelling Ave, Hamline Midway Coalition founded a neighborhood public art working group with the help and leadership of Midway Murals project organizer, Jonathan Oppenheimer. In addition to overseeing maintenance an upkeep of the four murals along Snelling, The Midway Public Art Working Group hopes to continue the evolution of Hamline Midway as a hub for public and community-oriented art in St. Paul.

The mission of the Public Art Working Group is to “enhance livability, pride, interaction and vibrancy through public art in the Midway community, in ways that foster dialogue and connection.” 

Midway Makers

The Midway Public Art Group's new project, funded by a Hamline Midway Coalition grant, is to create an artist/maker directory for people in the neighborhood called Midway Makers. We'd like to promote the many talented creative types -- from painters to knitters, musicians to magicians, and everyone in between -- who live, work and go to school in the neighborhood, especially those who may not otherwise have such a platform. We hope to give said creatives a space to promote themselves and their work; to provide a site for people to blog about their art and art in general; and to publicize neighborhood arts-related stuff -- among other things. The site is not yet officially live, but our first step is recruiting people to submit their info for the directory. Please fill out the google form and spread the word, and contact Jonathan O if you have questions or ideas, or would like to help out with the project.