Now's your chance! Weigh-in on reconstruction of Fairview Avenue

Posted on August 27, 2014 - 11:16am

Come reclaim the dark and dismal space underneath the freeway, Saturday, October 25 from 7 to 11pm! The Friendly Streets Initiative will be lighting it up with color, video projections, music, storytelling, and more while creating a community vision for safer walking and biking between Union Park and Hamline Midway.


Demonstration of a creative crosswalk photo © Pavlica PhotographyThis special Friendly Streets after-hours event is the last of the season, and your feedback on the reconstruction of Fairview Ave. is needed. Attendance at the first two block parties at Fairview & Thomas in the Feline Rescue parking lot in July and at Fairview and Selby in August was tremendous and the amount and quality of feedback was invaluable.  Please join your neighbors in reimagining what Fairview Ave might become at this last event of the season.
The Making Fairview Friendly Project is a collaboration between Hamline Midway and Union Park neighbors to imagine a friendlier Fairview for everyone, whether you’re traveling on two feet, four paws, or two or more wheels. Fairview is a North-South street in St. Paul that is a major connection for many people and is suggested as a bike route by the City of St. Paul despite very unfavorable current conditions for cycling and being listed by Mayor Coleman as one of the worst 20 streets in Saint Paul.
In addition to opportunities to give feedback at these events, the Friendly Streets crew is working on creating an online version of the Fairview Friendly Streets survey and bringing the community engagement process to residents, staff and visitors of Episcopal Homes at their Fairview & University location.

Learn more about the citywide Friendly Streets Initiative and other projects underway at

October 25
Fairview Underpass of I-94