Local Foods Group Seeking Input on “Midway Nest”

Posted on August 27, 2014 - 11:08am

A group of local food advocates are up to some serious good in the neighborhood. The Hamline Midway Local Foods Group recently received a generous grant from the University of Minnesota’s Healthy Foods Healthy Lives institute to do some initial planning around a new Hamline-Midway brick and mortar sustainable foods and entrepreneur kitchen space. They’re calling it “The Midway Nest.”

At this point in the process, they are focused on discovering what you, the neighborhood, wants and needs from such a space. The organizers are conceiving of a “Hamline Midway food destination where the intersection of local foods and sustainable enterprise intersect.”

Some of the ideas for the space include:

  • Providing culinary entrepreneurs and artists a space to craft and market their products
  • A Community Kitchen
  • A storefront bakery and restaurant for residents to gather
  • A location to distribute CSA produce
  • A tool lending library for the local community gardens
  • A greenhouse for local gardeners and food producers

What are your local foods dreams that could be incorporated into the design? The group has put together a brief survey to gather input for this exciting opportunity. Please take a couple minutes to fill it out at http://tinyurl.com/midwaynestsurvey
For more information or to get involved email midwaynest[at]gmail[dot]com