HUNAC is seeking new members!

Posted on June 27, 2019 - 8:02am

HUNAC is actively seeking members from the Hamline Midway neighborhood. The committee is part of the Hamline Midway Coalition (HMC) and meets four times a year in September, November, February and June. Please contact Kate Mudge, Director of HMC, for more information. She can be reached via email at kate[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org

The Hamline University Neighborhood Advisory Committee has been established to improve and enhance communication and relationships between Hamline University and the Hamline Midway community; to establish an ongoing process for the Hamline Midway community and Hamline University to work together on matters of mutual interest and to strengthen community partnerships; to provide Hamline University with an opportunity to engage with the community on University matters that directly impact the local neighborhood and community; and to advise the City of St. Paul on University projects and plans that require the involvement of the City and that directly impact the local community. 

More information about HUNAC can be found here.