Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan for 2019

Posted on January 7, 2019 - 5:59pm

Structured Removal approach
Consistent to 2018, structured removal (SR) will focus entirely on blocks of confirmed infested trees. Prior to last year, non-infested trees that were in decline from poor health or structural issues were included the SR approach. However, the number of infested trees has increased substantially, and because they pose a potential public safety risk, those trees must continue to remain the priority.

Timing and communication for Structured Removals
Postcard notifications have been sent to residents in the initial planned removal areas indicating that work will begin in early 2019. The interactive map on the EAB website (www.stpaul.gov/eab) has been updated to show the initial identified removal areas for 2019. The anticipated start date for infested tree removals is Jan 22, 2019.