As a member of the Hamline Midway community, you are the cornerstone that makes this neighborhood great. You are connected and engaged, you understand the power of community, and you know that only by working together can we ensure a prosperous and successful future for all of Hamline Midway.

Hamline Midway Coalition works year round to make this neighborhood the best possible place to live, learn work and play. From our involvement in development decisions and transportation improvements, to supporting neighborhood groups and work like the Midway Murals project, Friendly Streets initiative and Friends of Hamline Park, our cause is this community.

As you consider your regular donations and support of worthy causes, we hope you will consider giving close to home. It is an important time for the Hamline Midway neighborhood and with your support we will continue and expand our work building for a successful future.

Some of the projects, efforts and work we've been involved with and supported include:

  • Hamline Midway Spring Festival
  • Midway Murals Project
  • St. Paul Healthy Transportation for All
  • Hamline University Community Advisory Committee
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale
  • Midway Holiday Pop-up Shop
  • Rain Garden Initiative
  • Pedestrian Safety Awareness Week
  • Friends of Hamline Park
  • American Can Building Redevelopment
  • North Snelling Revitalization Project
  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • Implementing the Citywide Bicycle Plan
  • Pierce Butler Meadows
  • Block Clubs
  • Midway Public Art Festival
  • Friendly Streets Initiative

Please visit our GiveMN page to read more about our recent work to improve our neighborhood and consider investing in the future of our community with a generous contribution.



 Hamline Midway Coalition is proud to be a Silver-Rated Nonprofit Organization!