Community Project Mini Grants


Got a great idea for a community project?  

Apply for a Hamline Midway Community Project Mini Grant!

HMC wants to hear your ideas! If you’ve ever thought about leading a community project – we want to help you make things happen in the neighborhood!

Hamline MIdway Coalition will award up to 10 $500 grants during 2020 with the goal of:

  • Bringing new and diverse people into conversations and activities in our community

  • Strengthening existing relationships/partnerships in our neighborhood

  • Increasing people's impact on public decisions and community life

Who Can Apply?

Applicants should live or work in the Hamline Midway neighborhood.  We encourage applicants to partner with neighbors, businesses, and other organizations. We also encourage the inclusion of historically underrepresented and underserved communities, including low-income families, people of color, young adults, immigrants, renters, and people with disabilities.

Grant Awards and Criteria

  • Grant proposals may be up to $500 (collaboration is welcome!)

  • Grants will be reviewed and awarded by HMC staff and board members

  • Projects must take place within Hamline Midway Coalition’s boundaries (The Hamline Midway neighborhood is bounded by University Avenue to the South, the railroad tracks just north of Pierce Butler Route to the North, Lexington Avenue to the East, and Transfer Road to the West.)

What will the grants fund?

  • Materials to complete a project

  • Promotion of the project

  • Food for events

  • Other actual costs

Funds cannot be used for:

  • Costs for applicants’ time

  • Direct social services such as food baskets or health clinic services

  • Costs incurred in preparing this application

  • Events that are not free and open to the public.

Ready to Apply? CLICK HERE for application!