Seed Harvest for Pierce Butler Meadow

Join neighbors in a seed harvest! This progressive event is designed to expand the plantings at Pierce Butler Meadow, a community created pollinator haven along Snelling Avenue at Pierce Butler Route. Seed will be collected with this space in mind, but participants can take some home for their own spaces. Information about various species and how to store and clean seeds will be shared at each stop on the harvest tour.  The bulk of the seed will be saved for winter time sowing, and then the transplants grown from the seeds will be installed at the meadow in spring.

  Date: Saturday, Sept. 19th

  Time: 1:00 – 5:00pm

  Location: many sites in the Midway, Frogtown, Como and North End neighborhoods


How to participate:

Choose a location on the tour and drop in during a specified time listed below. For covid safety, please come masked and respect physical distancing while at the event. Supplies for harvesting will be provided, however, if possible please bring a utility scissors or clippers (this will reduce the need for sanitizing shared tools). If wind and weather are cooperative, demonstration supplies for handling seed will be available. Attendees should expect rough terrain, and tall vegetation. Some of the locations are in places where car traffic is fast, or there will be a lot of walking to get to various plantings.  Closed toe shoes and long pants are recommended, as well as clothing for weather conditions that day. Updates regarding weather and where we are along the tour route will be posted in the Facebook event, or for those not using that platform, email armon[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org and alternative arrangements will be made.


1:00 -1:35 pm: Pierce Butler Meadow- the westside cloverleaf of the Snelling & Pierce Butler Route 55104 (Best to park near Taylor and Snelling and walk to site)

1:45- 2:15 pm: Boulevard of 1462 Charles ave, 55104

2:30- 3:30 pm: Monarch City at West Minnehaha Recreation Center 685 W Minnehaha Ave, 55104 (meet on the western side of parking lot)

3:45 -4:15pm: Willow Reserve restoration site  prairie at the corner of Maryland Ave & Virginia St, 55117 (street parking available on Virginia St.)

4:30 - 5:00pm: Arlington Pascal Stormwater Project- park near Frankson ave & Asbury street 55108 (street parking available)


Event hosted by the Hamline Midway Coalition in partnership with Capitol Region Watershed District, Como Community Seed Library and the MNSEED project.

Event will be led by Stephanie Hankerson, an independent garden educator and long-time St Paul resident, brings over 20 years of leading garden and sustainability programs in public and private spaces. Her work spans Minneapolis and St Paul neighborhoods, community gardens, St. Paul Parks, and urban farms, working on urban forestry, food growing & preservation, landscaping, rain gardens, native plants, and composting projects.  

Event dates: 
Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 1:00pm