Hamline Midway Early Learning Coalition



Hope you have a great summer! 

Next meeting will be Thursday, November 12, 2019, 12:30-2:30 PM @ TBD. ALL ARE WELCOME! 


Some photos from our Summer Kick-off at Hancock Recreation Center! 





Hamline Midway Early Learning Coalition

The Hamline Midway Early Learning Coalition exisit to connect resources to people and people to each other by activiely pursing and demanding equitable access for all families within our community. 

Summer Kickoff Event 


Who we are: 

  • We are a group of community organizations, schools, professionals and residents that come together to create and join intiatives within the Hamline Midway Community 
  • Our goal is to create change throught action. 


Our work is focused on: 

  1. Youth Care and Connections for ages 0-14,
  2. Equityable access to resoures for all families in our community, 
  3. Connecting resoures to people and people to resoures, and 
  4. Identifying quality enrichment, engagement, and support oppportunities for youth. 


We recognize: 

  • youth are nurtured well withing the context of their family and community. 
  • families and communities foster hopes and dreams for their youth. 
  • NO ONE advocates for youth as well as their families and surrounding community. 
  • Collective efforts torwards youth are more effective and longer lasting when community members dedicate their time and talents. 


We hope:

  • to more fully understand the community's hopes and visiotn for their youth with a focus on ages 0-14, 
  • to particpate in early learning community intiatives designed with/by, and representaign, the community. 
  • to address early learning topics relevant to our community. 
  • to foster networking opporuntities for current and potential partners. 


Your commitment would include: 

  • participating in conversation about youth and their families with other partners
  • Advanceing the determined goals and intiatives of the Early Learning Coalition 
  • Sharing responsibility for the completion of tast for the benefit of youth and families within the community
  • Ongoing recruitment of additional partners
  • Open to signing up for a least a three-month rotation as a co-faciliator for coalition meetings


The benefits include: 

  • Shared understanding and vision for youth and families in the Hamline Midwya community
  • Regularly faciliated conversation about, and action plan for, youth and their families
  • Parterships between schools and communities to support promotion of early learning topics




Galtier Elementary 

Hamline Elementary

Hamline Midway Coalition 

St. Pau Parks & Recreation

Saint Pual Pubblic Schools, Office of Eary Learning 


Midway YMCA

Hamline Midway Library

Hamline University 


Want to know more? Contact:



Victor Mister 

Jessica Kopp 

Melissa Michener

Karen McCauley

Nikole Logan