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Midway Como Monitor

Phone: 651-645-7045

Business address:
1885 University Ave.
Suite 110
St. Paul MN 55104

The Monitor newspaper has been serving the Midway and Como neighborhoods in St. Paul for almost 40 years. The paper is a neighborhood monthly which is distributed free of charge to residents in the Midway and Como neighborhoods. It also maintains a community news website at www.monitorsaintpaul.com which includes archives of the back issue, current news, and a community calendar that includes information that could not get into the paper, or which, because of timeliness, did not meet deadlines, but still are important for the community to know about. The calendar can be found at http://www.monitorsaintpaul.com/events/. The newspaper also maintains a Facebook page which puts in reminders of upcoming events in the near future.

Midway Liquor Store

Phone: 651-644-7900

Business address:
1955 University Ave
Saint Paul, MN

Family owner business in our third generation. Specialized in customer service and great prices. “If Midway Liquor doesn’t have it, or can’t get it, you don’t want it” Jim Gorman-founder

Minnesota Mold Doctor L.L.C.

Phone: 651-642-1288

Business address:
1682 Taylor Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Mold inspections by the mold doctor who has a Ph.D. studying mold. (University of California Davis 1989). Taught mycology (molds, mildews, mushrooms, etc) and Botany at the university level. Published in professional, refereed journals. My services include: ➢ Evaluation of both the interior and exterior of your home or business; ➢ Sampling, using a variety of methods; ➢ Moisture testing; ➢ Humidity testing; and ➢ Analysis of samples in my own laboratory. Your customized reports include: • Identification of fungi, if any, that are present • Fact sheets about each fungus • Evaluation of the structure, and why molds were able to grow • Recommendations to eliminate the fungi, and • Recommendations to correct any problems that have allowed fungi to grow Expert witness. I also provide: VOC, Mold VOC and Formaldehyde testing,

Minnesota Tool Library

Phone: 651-644-1882

Business address:
755 Prior Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104

MTL is a member-based, volunteer-driven, nonprofit that offers our community Access Over Ownership. We have two branches where members can check-out tools from our vast inventory for their Home-Improvement, Woodworking, Lawn & Garden, Pinterest, or DIY Projects. With the Minnesota Tool Library there’s no need to rent or own costly tools for one-time use - instead membership allows consistent, low-cost access to the tools you need, when you need them. Reserve online or stop by the library to check out on the spot. We also have a workshop at each branch where you can work on your projects and access large and specialty power tools like our table saw, jointer, and lathe in-house. We’re more than a lending library - MTL is a growing community of DIY'ers, Makers, and Craftspeople who support each other to share skills & knowledge. Plan your next project or learn proper tool use with the help of our experienced Shop Mentors. Want a bit more instruction? Enroll in MTL’s supportive and personalized classes - learn a new skill, explore a new hobby, and/or craft something with friends.

Ms. Greenjeans

Phone: 651-641-8662

Business address:
1788 Hewitt ave

We are a woman owned and operated interior painting business. We also remove wallpaper, repair drywall and plaster walls, and do some small carpentry projects.
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Phone: 651-778-1000

Website: MSS

Business address:
900 Ocean Street
St. Paul, MN 55016

MSS provides services to people with disabilities in St. Paul, Oakdale, Shoreview, Brooklyn Park, Eagan and Apple Valley. Person-centered services are paramount at MSS. We believe our role is to empower the people we support to lead their own lives through informed decision making. Services we provide include: --Day Training and Habilitation Services to help the people we support create better, more satisfying lives. This includes specialized services that can support the entire disability spectrum, including autism, high medical needs, and individuals with disabilities who are at retirement age. --Employment Services to help the people we support achieve their competitive employment goals. --Creative Arts programs to empower the people we serve to pursue earned income from arts sales and personal development and expression through the arts. --eTrac®, MSS’ proprietary online training program to help job seekers build work readiness skills and prepare for integrated community employment. --Community Hub to provide innovative employment, arts, and inclusion opportunities for the people we support while also serving as an incubator for social enterprises and small businesses.

Pavlica Photography

Phone: 6512498589

Business address:
1226 Charles Ave

Specializing in photography with both motion and stills. We focus on you, our clients and our neighbors.
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Pura Vida Massage Therapy

Phone: 6512178337

Business address:
688 Hague Ave Studio #37
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Pura Vida Massage Therapy is a locally owned and operated small business specializing in Therapeutic and Thai Massage. Mckenzie Merges is a Licensed Massage Therapist & is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Modalities Practiced: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage, and Vacuum Cupping.
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PUSH Fitness

Phone: 314-649-7874


Business address:
655 Fairview Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104

PUSH Fitness is a fitness studio offering a wide variety of classes to fit the needs of every individual. We offer classes such as Tabata, Spin, Yoga, Barre and more. We strive to be a place of inclusion that creates a safe space for anyone and everyone to workout and feel connected to a larger community.
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Resurrection City Church

Phone: 651.401.6154

Business address:
Meeting Place:
Hamline Elementary
1599 Englewood Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Knox International Center
1536 W Minnehaha Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

We are a church that meets in Hamline Elementary School on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Our vision is to glorify God by seeing people, our city, and the world made new in Jesus, our Savior and King.