Block Clubs

Every strong community is built on a foundation of personal relationships. People are social beings. We think more dynamically, are more likely to thrive, and simply have more fun when we function in the context of close, positive relationships with each other.

How well do you know the neighbors on your block? There are lots of reasons to organize, including being able to better collaborate on solving problems and sharing opportunities or resources; increasing public safety by practicing crime prevention tactics as a cohesive group; improving the beautification and environmental friendliness of the neighborhood with gardening or planting projects; caring for one another in times of emergency; and overall enjoying the place you live with the people around you.



What is a Block Club? 
A block club is a group of neighbors, living within one or more city blocks, who are committed to know one another in order to socials, address common concerns, promote communication, and improve block safety. 

Why organize a Block Club? 
When you know your neighbors, it is much easier to collaborate on solving problems and sharing opportunities. Block clubs serve as the "building blocks" for involvement of residents in a range of community-wide activities. 

Block Club Coordinators. What duties must a Block Coordinator perform? 
Create a block club directory 
Organize block club meetings 
Organize a block party at least once a year
Welcome new neighbors 
Serve as a liaison for communications
Encourage participation in local issues
Find a replacement 

Benefits of Block Clubs

  • These are just some of the things block clubs already accomplish in our neighborhoods.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere and welcome new neighbors.
  • Increase public safety and perception of public safety.
  • Resolve “problem property” issues such as nuisances, trash, and disrepair.
  • Address issues of concern (e.g. noise, traffic, parking, trash).
  • Organize socially (e.g. a block party or garage sale).
  • Improve the environment, aid in the “greening” and beautification of the neighborhood.
  • Establish babysitting co-ops and/or parenting clubs.
  • Keep alleys clean, well lit, and safe.
  • Collaborate with commercial neighbors.
  • Transmit vital information between residents and city or community organizations.
  • Take the lead in creating or influencing city policies.
  • Celebrate!
  • Develop local leadership.
  • Assist neighbors in times of emergency.

Can this role be shared? 
Yes, absolutely. However, if there is a block club coordinator for your area,  the Hamline Midway Coalition will connect with the current coordinator and then connect the parties wishing to share the role.

 You can download a free Block Club Organizer Manual at the bottom of this page to get started bringing your block together. If you’re interested in becoming a Block Club Leader, contact Melissa Cortes at melissa[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org or 651-494-7683 or sign up here BLOCK CLUB SIGN-UP! or below on the form!