Megan Loew

I moved to Midway in the fall of 2020. It was in the midst of COVID. I had been eyeing up the Midway neighborhood while house hunting because it seemed like a blend of diverse cultures, walkability, and is filled with opportunities to become rooted in the community.

Joining the Hamline Midway Coalition offers exactly that type of connection. As a current Minnesota Department of Health employee, I advocate for projects that elevate community voices on important public health experiences to policymakers and legislators.

My hope in joining the HMC board is to utilize my professional skill sets into my community and everyday life by supporting equitable community changes that increase resources for the Hamline Midway community.

Photograph of Megan Loew

My Midway Moment

I have had many experiences since moving into the Midway area that felt welcoming and connected to the community. One experience that comes to mind is when I set out to get an old chair reupholstered. I looked to my neighborhood for a local business, and right down the street I found Samson Custom Upholstery.

I walked into Samson’s with no knowledge fabrics or his story. I was greeted by a warm and friendly smile. We started talking about the chair and fabrics that may suit its design but soon enough, we were discussing our backgrounds, families, and what led us to Midway.

We discussed the importance of mental health services and how important the youth voices can be to create meaningful change. We continued to get to know one another’s story until my chair was completed.

We even reminisced about missing Fasika – a shared favorite place before it closed. The day I picked up the chair, I left with a new and beautiful upholstered chair and an even stronger connection to my Midway neighbors.

Not just me... You too!

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