Adopt-a-Drain Challenge in Hamline Midway

Posted on August 9, 2018 - 3:17pm


 Hamline Midway made the news! See Midway resident and Coalition Environment Committee commit to clearing storm drains. WATCH VIDEO HERE 



Help us reach our goal of every storm drain adopted and cared for in the Hamline Midway Neighborhood! 

We are ON for the 2018/2019 Adopt-A-Drain challenge!  Starting on August 1, we are in direct competition with our neighbors to the north in the Como district and we need all hands on deck to win.  The winning prize is yet to be determined but it will be delicious and worth it! 

Hamline University, the hub for Adopt-A-Drain programming, is keeping the tally on numbers of drains adopted.  Right now we have 137 of them being taken care of and approximately 1100 out there so there are many options throughout the neighborhood.  Check back on the HMEG Facebook page for progress reports—don’t let the Como folks out-adopt us!


Check out this story from the Pioneer Press


Objective:  To adopt out as many storm drains as possible within Hamline-Midway neighborhood bounds.


Who:  All residents, businesses, employees, and students in the neighborhood can participate.


What:  Sign up to adopt a storm drain at  Then keep it clear of leaves, trash, and debris all year-round.  You will need a small rake or broom to do the cleaning, then toss what you gather into the garbage.  Extra points for ice clearing in the spring!!


When:  The challenge began  August 1, 2018.


Where:  The Hamline Midway neighborhood is bounded by University Avenue to the South, the railroad tracks just north of Pierce Butler Route, Lexington Avenue to the east, and Transfer Road to the west.


Why:  All of the storm drains in our neighborhood lead DIRECTLY to underground pipes that flow straight to the Mississippi River.  Preventing volumes of pollution from entering the river improves water quality for the millions of people living downstream.  Cleaning our storm drains also prevents flooding by allowing water to enter when we get heavy rains.  Finally, our neighborhood will look nicer when we keep those gutters and storm drains clear!


How:  We need YOUR help advertising this challenge!  Talk with your neighbors, engage business owners, post your work on social media (the HMEG page on Facebook and/or your personal sites).  There is literature available at the Hamline Midway Coalition offices to hand out to one and all, or just keep it simple and help others enroll paper-free online.  Use gatherings like National Night Out, block parties, school events, and other neighborhood programming to spread the word!  Feel free to forward this email and use it to contact me with questions or concerns.


(at) environment[at]hamlinemidway[dot]org or 651-494-7683



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