Hamline Midway Coalition (HMC) — District Council 11 — is an action-oriented, neighborhood-based organization that develops and supports initiatives in community building, transportation, local foods, placemaking and public space improvement, economic vitality, sustainability, and neighborhood identity. HMC also coordinates participation in public policy decision-making and provides high-quality information to the community on matters of public interest. HMC is dedicated to making the Hamline Midway neighborhood - and the entire City of Saint Paul - a more vibrant, livable, and sustainable urban community.

Hamline Midway Coalition is one of 17 district councils in Saint Paul, Minnesota (see below). HMC's primary service area is the Hamline Midway neighborhood - bounded by University Avenue (south), the BSNF rail line (north), Lexington Avenue (east), and Transfer Road (west).  Our reach is city-wide.

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What is a district council?

Each of Saint Paul's 17 districts is represented by a district council. District councils are independent nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)3 neighborhood-based organizations that receive funding from the City, as well as other sources. Such sources include private donations, foundation and corporate grants, as well as grants from other units of government. As independent organizations, district councils ensure community participation in Saint Paul’s planning and decision making processes.

What do district councils do?

Each district council provides advisory recommendations to City officials on physical, economic, and social development issues, as well as on citywide issues. District councils also receive funding from the City for neighborhood crime prevention programs. In addition, these community-based organizations identify neighborhood needs, initiate community programs to meet these needs, and recruit volunteers when needed for these programs.

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