Pierce Butler Meadows Community Planting Day

Posted on September 25, 2017 - 2:00pm
In partnership with Capital Region Watershed District, Ramsey Conservation District, and Minnesota Department of Transportation, Hamline Midway Coalition will host a Community Plant Day on October 15th, 9am-1pm with a celebration walk and parade on Saturday, October 21st
Planton Movil will take place on Saturday, October 21st, 2017, 10am-12pm. For more details check out PLANTON MOVIL 
Plantón” is the word in Spanish for a sapling. It is also the word for a sit-in -- artist Lucia Monge has been using this play on words for the past 8 years to make site-specific walking forests in communities around the world! Our goal here in St. Paul is to lend our mobility to the plants and create a walking prairie, in this case. Working with the Hamline-Midway Environment Group, the Capitol Region Watershed District, and artist Lucia Monge, we will create a prairie in the Pierce Butler Storm Water Basin at the southwest corner of the intersection of Pierce Butler and Snelling Avenue.


We will have events from October 15th through the 21st. October 21st will be the culmination of our project, when we will walk with our plant companions to the site and complete the planting of a prairie that allows the plants to reclaim this area. Earlier in the week there will be opportunities to build plant-human connections for the walk and begin to plant some of our seedlings with the local community and school groups. On the 21st, we will march with our plant-human connectors to the Pierce Butler Storm Water Basin and have the largest planting day. The Pierce Butler site will also feature an outdoor classroom with interpretive signage that will be engage the public and explain what is happening on the site.


The Walking forest will be held on October 21st at noon. The more people we have the more compelling our walk will be. We are planning to arrive at 10:00 before the walk starts at 12:00. Ideal weather conditions we have us meet at Newell Park for the start of the walk; if weather conditions are not permissible we will have a separate rain plan in place, starting closer to the site. When we arrive at the Pierce Butler Storm Water Basin, we will begin to plant our prairie as a community. This will be the start of the outdoor classroom which will include a public learning space. If you have any questions please contact this email and we will respond with any further information we can provide.


Oct 13th 1:30-3:30 plants will be delivered to Hamline University -- public build festival of plant-human connectors for walking the plants up to the site in style (including FYSEM Throwdown)

Oct 15th 9-1 (Hamline Elementary)

Oct 16th and 18th more planting with school groups (let us know if you’re interested -- and we’ll post more details as we know about them)

Oct 20th (1:30-3:30) Final build of parade plant carriers

Oct 21st 10am-12 noon Planton Movil Walk, parading the rest of the plants up to the site in style!